The Word One To One




The Word One to One is available to buy.

Each pack contains 2 copies of each book, one for you and one for your friend. So if you’re about to start reading with one friend, just buy one copy of pack 1. 

By buying The Word One to One you will also be helping to grow the ministry of The Word One to One, making the Bible easy for anybody to share, and also helping us to provide free copies of the resource for those who couldn’t otherwise afford them. The Word One To One is also available in Australia, the USA and South Africa.


To assist the worldwide church we have also made the resource available for free.

You can download the resource in full colour to use on a tablet or laptop, or you can print them out.

These documents are formatted to A4 paper, when printing on US letter be sure to check the “fit to page” or “scale to fit” button in the print dialogue box.


Our vision is to see the gospel spread worldwide


The Word One to One has been translated into both traditional and simplified Chinese.


We frequently receive requests to translate The Word One to One into other languages. We are keen to support the accurate and effective translation of the books in order to serve the wider church, but before we agree a project, we encourage you to think through the following questions:


1)    What format do you want to produce the material in? Are you looking for a printed book set, a pdf/digital version, or just a simple translated document? 

2)    How many copies are you hoping to distribute?

3)    What distribution channels have you got in place to make sure the resource is being used widely?

4)    If you are going to print copies of the books, where are you going to store them? How are you going to logistically handle distribution?

5)    How are you going to ensure the material is being used?


Once we have discussed these questions with you, we can then look at drawing up a translation agreement with our publisher. Please note that if you wish to publish printed books, there is a one-off fee for the design files.

Please contact us if you are interested in a translation project.


Click on the buttons below to download the translated copies of the books.


The Word One to One is a ministry of The Rock Foundation, which is a registered charity with number 294775. To donate to the growing global ministry you can do so through by clicking the button below, or contact us for more options.