The Word One To One


Why use it?


We all know that as Christians we are called to be a part of The Great Commission –
sharing the Good News about Jesus
with those around us.

Few of us have any problems with the idea. But few of us know how we really go about doing it and often we assume it’s a job for the evangelist or ‘professional’ Christians at church. How often do we go to church on a Sunday ready to be filled up with great teaching, only to be slowly drained during the week until we go back next Sunday?

Many people are totally ignorant as to what the Bible really says. The Word One to One is a resource that helps you walk through John’s Gospel with your friends. As you turn the pages with them they’ll see what the Bible says about who Jesus is, and what He came to do, and you’ll slowly start to see it transform their lives. Almost everyone who shares the Bible in this way is asked ‘Why has nobody ever shown me this before?’.



Life changing


It’s designed to be used with those who aren’t Christians, but who are willing to look at what the Bible actually says.

The beauty of The Word One to One is that it has everything you need to take a friend through John’s Gospel. This means you don’t need to be a Bible scholar or seasoned church leader to use it. It might help you if you read ahead so you know what’s coming – this would take about 15 minutes. Beyond that it’s all there for you. The Bible says that God’s Spirit uses God’s Word to bring life – so it would good to pray too and ask God to use His Word to bring life.

Unlike other similar resources, The Word One to One includes all the answers, making it accessible for anybody to use, regardless of intellectual or theological training. It also covers the entire Gospel – every verse – and God uses what are likely to be at least 18-20 meetings over the more limited scope that a different course will understandably represent. Other resources work well in the right circumstances.

There is no formal training needed to use The Word One to One. However, you might want to watch the video to help you get the most from the resource.

The Word One to One will not only change the lives of your friends, but it will change your life too as you see God at work in them.