My journey into sharing the Bible one on one with anyone began in April 2016 when I felt that my Christian life revolved around sitting in a church and paying my tithes while working myself into the ground as an engineer.  At a church prayer meeting I confessed to a brother that I had nothing and felt nothing and was asking, “What was the point of this life?”.  I was encouraged by my Christian brother that I was where God wanted me to be and that He was my sufficiency.  He encouraged me to seek the Lord and allow Him to work in my heart and to guide me to where He wanted me to be.  In late 2016 I attended a city mission conference with William Taylor as the keynote speaker and being introduced to his method of reading the Bible one on one, specifically John’s gospel, the Lord opened my eyes to what He could do with me in my situation.

Being involved in the City Bible Forum, we prayed for opportunities to read the Bible one on one with our friends and colleagues at work.  The Lord answered very quickly: having prayed on the Tuesday the Lord opened a door on the Thursday night. At an after-work drink with colleagues we were discussing the good and evil of religion.  I made my opinion known that I believe that all men are evil and are not good and any manmade religion is bound to be evil.  At this point a friend said, “I agree with Phil, everybody is bad.”  At that moment I felt the Lord prompt me to ask him if he would read the Bible with me.  The next day at work I asked my friend why he thought that everyone was evil.  After giving his explanation I explained to him my reason; that the Bible says it as well.  I then explained that Jesus Christ formed the basis of my faith and would he be interested in reading the account of Jesus as written by his best friend.  My friend immediately said yes and I found myself a little taken aback thinking that a little persuasion may be required. 

We began reading The Word One to One about a month later in June 2017 by meeting for an hour before work over breakfast at a good coffee shop which had a nice quiet corner.  From day one his enthusiasm reminded me straight away that this was the Lord’s work and not mine.  It was and has been always my friend who would check to see if we were meeting the next morning.  Initially some of his words to me were “please do not be offended if I don’t believe.”  After three months of reading I was able to text my leader from City Bible Forum to tell him that my friend had changed his belief.  The power of the Word of God had changed him.  His words were “it makes sense”.  He did not need convincing that Jesus was not about keeping a set of rules to impress Him, but about belief in Him and that He is God. 

Over the following year and by September 2018, my friend and I completed all the 11 books in The Word One to One.  At the end he read the sinner’s prayer and confirmed his belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  He is still on a journey.  I have been encouraged that God is completely in control and that He is the one working in my friend’s life and I am a passenger in God’s purpose.  We have been surrounded by a cloud of saints praying for us.  Our God answers prayer.

I too have grown closer to God and increased my knowledge of Him through reading The Word One to One.  I have been following Jesus since I can remember but aside from when I committed to serve Him all my life, I have experienced no greater joy in my walk with God than sharing the Word of God with my friend.  I have “done many things” for the Lord in my Christian walk but none of these compare with reading the Word with someone who is on a journey to salvation.  They pale into insignificance.  The ultimate feeling of yourself being overshadowed by the Spirit and the Word alone working in someone’s life is a beautiful, holy tension.  The tension subsides the more you realise that it is God working in their life and not you.  I am now more than ever wanting and looking for opportunities to read the Bible one on one with those whom the Lord has prepared for me.

Unto Him be all the glory, honour and praise both now and forever more.

PS.  We are now reading Romans.