The Word One to One is the single most important step that I have taken in my life. I was brought up in a Christian home and attended a faith based school. My confirmation took place at eleven years of age. It was not until embarking on The Word One to One that I began to gain a true understanding of the power of God's Word and the great gift of Grace that awaits all people. It is all there in the Gospels, the message is unlocked and the Prophets fulfilled.  
This understanding has taught me to guard against religion or man's intervention into Faith, allowing me to give myself up to the love of Christ and his great sacrifice. I learned how to form a loving relationship with the Almighty Father and how to lift my concerns, great and small to him. To ask and receive his guidance. I see the whole world in a new light as I do my best to follow Jesus and walk in his footsteps. I understand that I am far from perfect but that God in his infinite Grace forgives my weakness and has a place for me and all who love him in heaven.

UKTom Olyott