I have been meeting now with a friend for 4 weeks to study God's word. It is a great privilege. She is originally from Syria (Muslim by birth) and has also lived in Dubai. She has many questions, she says she is very excited about the studies because it is all new. She seems to be understanding the gospel well. I had my doubts when I first saw the course, but I'd recommend it highly now, I thank God for using you and providing the necessary materials at just the right time.

[a few months later…]

She is a Christian now, we finished the course and are halfway through another course. She was baptised on 7th August, and came on her first beach tea. I've never done such one to one studies before, it's very thorough and makes a great 'idiots guide' for people like me.My friend had started going to a local church a few months before I met her, but still fasted for Ramadan and believed the Koran. Reading through John opened her understanding to the Gospel. The changes in her life are ongoing and wonderful. It’s been a great year.

UKTom Olyott