The book of Acts (and experimenting with design)

acts preview.png

Many who have read through John’s gospel with their friends have wanted to continue the experience.

The Bible book of Acts shows what happened after Jesus died and rose from the dead:

  • It gets us clear on the message preached by those to whom Jesus entrusted it

  • It helps us understand the importance of the gospel community - the Christian church

  • It shapes our understanding and priorities for this age in which we live

So it is with excitement that we can announce that we have started work on The Word One to One: Acts.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this first episode of Acts:

  • Please tell us whether we get the content right and how we can improve it

  • Please tell us which designs you prefer (we are unlikely to change the by now well-established designs unless our readers tell us that they really prefer something fresh)

  • Give us general feedback on the Word One to One experience and how it can be improved

Thank you very much for your interest and support!

Le Fras Strydom