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Frequently Asked Questions


Does my friend get to talk during the session or is it just me talking?

It’s completely up to you and your friend – some people just want to listen and absorb the information so might not say very much, whilst others will have lots of questions or want to join in more. The Word One to One can be used in whatever way is most comfortable for you and your friend, and often as people go through the sessions they raise more of their own questions and join in discussion more once they’ve got used to the idea. Often in the first few sessions you’ll do most of the talking as you present the information to your friend, but you’re welcome to give them opportunities to ask their own questions etc. The idea is not to put any pressure on your friend to answer questions about something they’ve never even looked at before.


What is the next thing to do after The Word One to One?

After going through The Word One to One, we would recommend you and your friend go along to either a Christianity Explored or Alpha course run by your church. If your church isn’t running one, visit the websites of either of those ministries to find out where your nearest course is taking place.

Should I ask questions during the sessions?

As you and your friend get comfortable in using The Word One to One you may choose to ask some questions, but be aware - usually  your friend has only agreed to look at what the Bible says, they didn’t agree to be questioned.


Why the gospel of John and not another gospel?

The idea of one to one Bible study in this way came out of a personal encounter with one of the writers of The Word One to One and a friend who was interested in looking at the Bible with him. They started with John’s gospel because, unlike some of the other gospels, it doesn’t start where people expect with a baby born in a stable, but begins with a great summary of the gospel in the first chapter.


Are there any plans to do this for other books of the Bible?

We have prepared similar style notes for other books of the Bible but have no plans to publish these as yet.