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Equipping a congregation.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for ministers and pastors is how to equip their entire congregation to effectively reach out to their friends and families. We long that every person in our church feels able to spread the good news about Jesus Christ.

But how to do it? How do you grow a culture of evangelism in a church?

Rico Tice explains why individuals need to connect those around them to the Christian message in our post-Christian culture.



Growing a culture of evangelism

  1. Try it out yourself / get your leadership team on it

    Many ministers have found the Word One to One a surprisingly refreshing way to reach out to their own unique circle of contacts.

    It gets them rubbing shoulders with those who are not yet Christian in a meaningful way. It refreshes their own teaching ministry. It grows their awareness of what their church members face as they reach out. Most of all it enthuses them by seeing God’s Word in action up close in personal.

Many are surprised to find those around us are often more open to looking at the Bible than we are to offer.

“I found my friends were more up for reading the Bible than I was for asking….even as a pastor” - Daf Meirion-Jones on “giving it a go”

2. Train your congregation

Some start with a group of hand-picked, keen individuals before rolling it out more widely. Others use a central meeting on Sunday evenings or mid-week. Others use smaller groups. It is important for those who do the training to have at least “given it a go”. This ensures experiences can be shared and questions answered in an authentic way when encouraging others.

The Word One to One can offer on site training in some regions - do get in touch to enquire about availability.

3. Appoint a co-ordinator

This need not be your most gifted evangelist. This is someone who is a pro-active administrator with a heart for reaching out with the gospel.

The job spec includes:

  • Ensuring Bible sharers are connected in order to share prayer requests and encouragements/discouragements

  • Arranging for testimonies to be shared from the front periodically on Sundays

  • Reminding the church to pray for personal evangelism at central prayer meetings

Through linking up with the Word One to One, ministry co-ordinators can share best practice, ideas and arrange for joint training refreshers which all helps to keep the focus.

4. Keep it on the agenda

There are many ways to keep Bible sharing on the agenda:

  • Preach through sections of John’s gospel and specifically encourage the congregation to “Go and tell” others using the notes

  • Use evangelistic events to tee up one to one meetings

  • Encourage the congregation to arrange smaller, de-centralised events where Christians and those not yet Christian can share how they are finding the experience

  • Apply the Sunday sermon not only to the Christian heart, but to their outreach work

  • Arrange for occasional refresher sessions

If you want to learn more about what others in your region are doing please get in touch and we would love to help.